Salvation Army Hope Gala
KROC Center Norfolk
April 25, 2014
Corporate Event

Salvation Army Hope Gala

What better way to celebrate your company’s anniversary than a custom chandelier and stage backdrop?! Using over 15 swirling beaded chandeliers we created one Grand Chandelier, lit from all sides with Elation Opti Tri Par LEDs. With these LEDs, we were able to light the chandelier with custom colors and even have it fade between different colors throughout the evening. We placed those same LEDs around the entire gym to really make the room glow. Working with the client we created the beautiful backdrop design out of layers of sheer white fabric and ribbons, giving the stage a feeling of luxury. Not to mention creating a lovely background for your photos. To add a finishing touch, we lit the flower arrangements on each table, with pin spots, to really make them pop!